Undeclared by Julianna Keyes

I want to thank Julianna Keyes and NetGalley for providing us this book in exchange for an honest review.

Review by Christin

4.5 Stars!!!

Kellan and Andi have been next door neighbors, arch nemeses, best friends and eventually “more”, but that all abruptly ended 2 years ago. Without any warning Andi stopped talking to Kellan and he never figured out why. Soon after, Kellan went away to college while Andi stayed local…until now!!!! Celebrating the start of a new school year with his friends who does Kellan happen to spot at a party?!!?? Andi!!! Andi has accept a scholarship to Kellan’s college and now the ever elusive ladies man has to figure out how to fight his secret feelings toward the only girl he’s ever fallen for–and at the same time figure out why she left him in the first place!!!

I seriously enjoyed this book!! I know it’s the second book in this series, but I had no trouble jumping into the series here. In saying that, I am absolutely going to read the first book (Undecided) in the Burnham College series because I liked Undeclared so much!! I though Julianna Keyes did a great job with keeping the storyline exciting without any lulls– love that! I loved Andi and Kellan’s familiar back and forth banter that only comes with a life long friendship. Undeclared is a 4.5 star book that I highly recommend everyone read! I REALLY hope there will be future installment in the Burnham College series (fingers crossed)!!

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