From Ashes Into Light By Gudrun Mouw

From Ashes Into LightFrom Ashes Into Light by Gudrun Mouw

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review By Stephanie

I am not one to quote books unless something grips me. Well Gudrun summed up her beautiful story with…

“For those whose silence speaks louder than words”

From Ashes into Light by the brilliant Gudrun Mouw is a gripping tale of one soul finding redemption through three lives. The different lives and different time periods were so interesting. I took a journey with each person in each time period, I was so engrossed in the story I felt like I was in the time period. I love how I got a history lesson that gripped my heart and soul. I have always been interested in the Holocaust so Ruth’s story was my favorite. She was a victim of that horrific event. Then there is Elfriede, she and her family were refugees. Her and her families story was amazing. Then there was the medicine man Saqapaya. As a reading you will get a full and broad view of each life as the story is narrated by the phoenix. I love love love this concept. reading from this POV you know, feel and respect the full story of each life. I have always believed in the concept of our souls are not new to us. Growing up I was always told that I had a old soul and I see that same in my daughter. The wisdom she carries, the worry she worries and the dept of her love. Reading the book just enforces my belief. Mouw writes with such grace and elegance. I was truly moved by these three lives and that amazing soul.

I want to thank Gundrun Mouw for giving us this moving story of these three different lives. I was moved!

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